Inspecta FFT

Acoustic leak detection system Steam leak detection system

The INSPECTA FFT Acoustic Leak Detection System has been developed to detect steam tube leaks in power station boilers. Using Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) technology, the system continually monitors and analyses sounds in the combustion chamber, using up to 32, audio field sensors with head amplifiers placed around the boiler. A detected leak is then graphically displayed on the screen by Spectrum and Alarm Bar graphs providing an overview of the severity of the leak. The monitor displays are digitally averaged to allow for any spurious sounds which might otherwise distort the signals.

CPU Minimum 486
Exitation 8x24 Vdc 120 mA current limit
Housing IP20 Aluminum desk top
Input 1.5 VAC isolated from each other
Input Four potential free
Measuring Rate 30 seconds
Output Four relays NO com NC 10A 250Vac
Output RS-232/485 Printer/scada
Output VGA Monitor driver
Screens Bargraph, Spectrum, Mimic, Trend
Speaker 2 Watts
Spectrum 625 Hz to 10kHz, 0...72 db
Supply 115 Vac or 230Vac +/- 10%
Temperature 0 to 35°C operating, -10 to 60°C storage.
Termination Screw terminals, removable
Trend 32 hours, resolution 1 hour
Weight 14kg

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