Quad process controller 4 x 0/4-20mA

This advanced quad channel process controller is ideal for numerous industrial applications with 0-20mA or 4-20mA dc inputs. It can be used either on its own, or in conjunction with another instrument (such as a transmitter).

  • 4 x process inputs (0-20mA or 4-20mA)
  • Input signal averaging
  • Channel averaging across 2, 3 or 4 input channels
  • Selectable decimal point position and rounding
  • Factory precalibrated. Key-in recalibration (no input signal needed)
  • Simple, intuitive interface with scrolling text prompts
  • Optional data logging available
  • Security PIN protected calibration and setpoint access


Display 1 x 6 digit (13mm)
Display 14 segment alphanumeric LED display
Display 5 buttons
Display 6 setpoint indicator LEDs
Input signal 4 x Current (0/4-20mA)
Panel mount case 48H x 96W x 120D (mm)
Panel mount case Panel cutout: 45.5 x 92.5mm
Power supply HV: 85-265Vac/95-370Vdc
Power supply LV: 15-48Vac/10-72Vdc


Excitation 24Vdc (50mA max)
Factory calibration Factory calibrated and set up for 4-20mA (0.00-100.00 display counts). Simple key-in recalibration
Input noise 0.03µAp-p typical (at 1Hz output rate)
Noise rejection 50/60Hz
Non-linearity ±0.01% full scale max
Resolution 100,000 counts
Sampling rate 5Hz per channel
Span drift ±25ppm/°C typical
Temperature drift
Zero drift 0.05µA/°C typical


Analogue output 1 x isolated 16-bit 4-20mA or 0-10V output (Window programmable over any range within the full scale range of the controller)
Relay outputs 2 or 4 x programmable 5A form A relays (3A 240Vac max or 3A 30Vdc max). Includes hysteresis, delay on make and enabling of LED annunciators for alarms and relay status indication.
Serial port Isolated RS-232 or RS-485 serial output (Modes: Define ASCII, Modbus/RTU slave, Ranger A. Data rates: 300-38400 baud. Parity: Odd/even/none)

This product is available in the following options.

  • HV - 85-265Vac / 95-370Vdc
  • LV - 15-48Vac / 10-72Vdc
  • 2 - 2 x relay outputs
  • 4 - 4 x relay outputs
  • A - 1 x mA/V analogue output
  • S2R - 1 x RS-232 serial port (RJ11 terminal)
  • S4S - 1 x RS-485 serial port (screw terminal)

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