Calog Wireless Pathfinder

Wireless Gateways, Wireless pathfinders

Calog Instruments wirelss gateways are the perfect solution for applications that require low data rates and wireless mesh networking across large areas. They employ the Modbus/RTU protocol, simplifying setup and integration with PLCs, and offer a variety of communication methods and topologies to suit different needs for small, medium or large networks.

  • Dual function unit can be used as either a base node or a remote node.
  • Starting point for setting up a Modbus-to-wireless mesh network
  • Easy integration with PLCs, and has optional digital I/O and serial


Housing 35mm DIN rail mount case
Housing Front panel : 2 x LEDs for network status indication. Antenna. USB programming IP jack. Reset button.
Housing WG-SLR: 101H x 21W x 120D; WG-SLB: 101H x 45W x 120D (mm)
Operating temperature -40-85°C
Unit function 2.4GHz wireless sleeper
Voltage WG-SLR: 9-35Vdc power supply; WG-SLB: 3Vdc lithium battery


Analogue input 2 x channels, USB programmable. Available inputs: Current (0/4-20mA), Voltage (0-10V), T/C (universal) or RTD (Pt100/1000)
Modulation O-QPSK
Nodes Up to 32 x sleepers in total
RF channel 16
RF data rate 250Kb/s
RF frequency 2405-2485MHz
Rx sensitivity -100dBm (in boost mode)
Sleep period 1, 2, 5, 15, 30 or 60 minutes (DIP switch selectable)
Spreading method Direct sequence
Tx power +4.5dBm (in boost mode)
Tx range ~80m (line of sight)

Included Accessories: Datasheet, mounting clips

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