Calog MCS-16

Monitoring & Control Station USB Programmable, with 16 Isolated Universal Inputs

It has 16 isolated universal inputs which are software programmable through the USB, ethernet or serial port. Each input can be configured for either: Thermocouple, RTD (Pt100/Pt1000), mA, mV, V or frequency. It also features 2 relay contact outputs to perform alarm or control functions, 4 digital inputs for counter functionality and flow metering, and 2 isolated auto-detecting serial ports for RS-232, RS-485, RS-422 or Ethernet connections. Real-time clock plus data logging is also available, (32MB, 30,000 samples for all channels).

Housing 35mm DIN rail. External dimensions 588 x 255 x 144 (HxWxDmm, with plugs in)
Housing DIN rail mountable unit
Operating temperature
Power supply High Voltage - 85-265Vac / 95-370Vdc
Power supply Low Voltage - 10-30Vdc
Power supply Medium Voltage - 24-48Vac / 17-72Vdc
Unit function


16 universal isolated inputs, individually selectable and scalable.
2 analogue outputs 4-20mA, 10V compliance
2 relay outputs 30Vdc, 3A
2 serial ports Port 1 - Isolated auto-detecting RS-485/RS-422. Selectable baud rate, 2400 to 230kB. Ethernet 10Base-T or 100Base-TX (auto-sensing)
3 serial ports Port 2 - Isolated auto-detecting RS-485/RS-232. Selectable baud rate, 2400 to 230kB.
4 high speed digital inputs Opto-isolated count, frequency (10kHz), state
Configuration port With optional USB adaptor
Digital input Frequency, counter (2kHz)
Easy programming via MicroScan maps Range of programmable features, including: Custom station number. Comms failure time out (using relay 2). Comms TXE and TX relay programming
Expansion interface Connect up to 2 ZEN-RIO expanders
Internal memory refresh rate 1 second for all channels
mA 0(4)–20mA
mV 0-200mV, ±100mV
RTC plus data logging (optional) 32MB (30,000 samples) for all channels
RTD Pt100/Pt1000. 0.01°C (–200.00 – +300.00). 0.1°C (–200.00 – +800.0)
Thermocouple B, E, K, J, N, R, S or T type (with CJC)
V 0-1V, 0-18V

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