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Also in its second generation is this instrument for testing, measuring and calibration of all pressure based systems. In addition, the instrument contains functions to install and maintain all powered and non-powered milliamp loops.


Also in its second generation is this instrument for testing, measuring and calibration of all pressure based systems. In addition, the instrument contains functions to install and maintain all powered and non-powered milliamp loops.

This high precision calibrator is suitable for the process industry and apart from pressure measurement, can also measure DC voltage, milliamps, circuit continuity and will source and simulate milliamps.

The Calog – PRESSURE ll uses the Keller series PA-33x digital pressure sensors which are easily plugged into the calibrator via the Binder connector.

The ‘measure pressure and milliamp’ function can be used for pressure transmitter calibration. The ‘source milliamp and measure pressure’ function can be used for I/P converter testing or calibration. With TRACKING switched on, the milliamp output will follow the measured pressure making it perfect for recording, data-logging or in place of a pressure transmitter in an emergency.


The latest feature-enhanced instrument to be released on the market is the strain gauge load cell tester/calibrator, Calog LC ll, which now offers load cell indication and data-logging via the USB port or SD cards.

A major plus factor is that there is no need for the user in the field to remove the load cells from the weighing scale to send back to the supplier for testing; simply connect each one at a time to the calibrator to get a readout of the status of the cell wiring and gauges. If a load cell has been overloaded, the zero balance will be out. If the cell has water penetration, this will be indicated via the insulation test when connecting additional leads to the screen and housing. The recommended 50 V is used to measure the insulation in M, displayed onscreen with low readings highlighted.

The load cell test automatically checks whether the wiring is four or six wire and that all connections are sound. A three or five wire connection would indicate a fault condition. The test then powers up the load cell and measures the no-load mV to read the bridge balance. It then connects the strain gauge bridge in turn from input, output and balance measuring resistance in each case. The test takes less than ten seconds and gives a summary on the backlit graphic LCD.

Due to the efficiency of the Lithium-Ion batteries, it is possible to use the handheld Calog calibrator as a load cell indicator for a reasonable period of time. For longer periods, such as with a cattle scale, auxiliary power can be supplied via a external 12 V or car cigarette lighter socket.

To display mass, force, strain or torque from load cells, Calog LC ll allows the user to set the sensitivity in mV/V, range, decimal points and units. Zero trim can offset deadweight and span trim is available to increase the reading accuracy with the help of calibrated weights. Selections of software functions such as tare are included. The indicator can be used for one 350 Ω or three 1000 Ω load cells with a fixed 5 V excitation.

By using the 4 mm sockets and leads, it is possible to calibrate a load cell amplifier by injecting a known mV value and simultaneously measuring the corresponding mA output. In order to carry out this function safely and without ground loops, the mA measurement is isolated from the mV source. Alternatively, the user can simply select the sensitivity and ranges, then set a mV value which shows the equivalent mass or set mass and it will show and source the correct mV.

The Calog LC ll can simulate a loadcell transmitter by sourcing mA into a load cell display or scada system. The display can be in mA or set to display mass and output the mA equivalent.

Instrotech supplies the Calog LC ll Calibrator with a comprehensive operating manual and the calibrator includes a help menu to show the user how to connect the unit for various applications.


  • Quick-source value set-up using the ‘key-per-digit’ numeric setting enabling the user to scroll each digit up or down.
  • Graphic display can be selected to display the measured value or trend with programmable time base.
  • Compact dimensions of 86 x 155 x 43 mm (with the protective rubber cover), IP54 rating (dust and splash proof).
  • Data-logging with SD Card or downloaded to a PC via USB port.
  • Programmable auto-off and selectable date and time.
  • Lithium Ion battery with temperature sensing.
  • Battery run life approximately 8 hours, measure and source.
  • 128 x 64 backlit LCD graphic display.
  • Battery charger, carry case, protective non-slip rubber cover and safety leads supplied as standard.
  • 2 year guarantee against faulty material and workmanship.

For more information on Calog’s range of portable process control calibrators, contact Hugh du Plessis, Instrotech, +27 (0)11 462 1920,,
James Roberts Sales Engineer CALOG UK; Cell: +44 (0) 779 861 0020

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